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Audubon Advocate Winter 2004

Audubon New York’s mission to protect birds, wildlife and their habitats.  We do this through our educational efforts in schools and at our Audubon Centers.  We do this through our ornithological research and science programs.  We do this through our public policy campaigns and advocacy efforts with our grass roots chapters.

As New York State faces today’s challenges, it is clear that more state resources are needed to achieve the Audubon mission.  Since 1996, New York has had the benefit of a Clean Water/Clean Air Bond Act to provide these resources.  Now those funds are completely utilized or spoken for.  We must plan for the next course of action.

Thus, Audubon New York, utilizing all of its education, science policy and advocacy strengths, has proposed to the Governor a new Quality Communities/Smart Growth Bond Act whose single purpose would include the following types of categories: open space and farmland protection, clean water, parks infrastructure, nature and environmental education centers, waterfront revitalization, and smart growth urban and transportation projects, all of which will encourage development in sites where infrastructure and public transportation are available, away from the suburban and rural communities which are losing ground to sprawl at an alarming pace.  Such a Bond Act would not only be good for the environment but would help further kick start the economy.       

I believe we can build a coalition of diverse individuals and interests to support legislation authorizing a 2004 Bond Act to be placed on the November ballot.  It is time that we give the opportunity to the citizens of New York to once again rally for clean water and open space as well as birds, wildlife and their habitats.