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Audubon Advocate May 2003

As New York State is facing one of its most difficult economic times in recent history, Audubon New York continues to stay the course and focus on its core mission of birds, wildlife and their habitats.

Our initiative and vision to reach one in four children by 2020 through our education programs and Audubon Centers is something that resonates in good times as well as in bad.  This theme holds true for the protection of Important Bird Areas (IBAs) and open spaces across this diverse state of New York.  Audubon has felt the strain of today’s economic pressures but has made adjustments so that although our growth has slowed it has not halted.  We are on the brink of second round designations of the historic Audubon IBA program and we are celebrating the first anniversary of the opening of Audubon’s first urban Center, the Prospect Park Audubon Center.  Over the next 18 months Audubon New York will be opening new centers at Montezuma in Western New York as well as at Jones Beach on Long Island.  We are solidifying our partnerships with our local chapters and we are increasing our contributor base by bringing new people into the Audubon family.  Our Board of Directors is growing as is our Stewardship Committee and our bi-partisan influence in State and federal legislative bodies is on the rise.  Audubon New York will be finalizing its strategic plan this summer and fall and we welcome your participation in its implementation.  I feel privileged to serve as Audubon New York’s Chair and look forward to your assistance in building upon its historic accomplishments.