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Audubon Advocate January 2003

This is a tough year for the State of New York. Budgetary crises affect not only the state government but all local governments, New York City included.  Money is short, in all levels. 

It is difficult to focus on the future and to realize that the glass is half full, when it seems so empty.  Nevertheless, even during this time of great need, those of us in the environmental world must continue to look forward.  There are many things that need to be accomplished, needs that need to be satisfied, environmentally as well as economically and socially, in our state.

We have a full agenda for 2003: new publications, much more bird and habitat scientific work, and new and enlarged Center operations; and we will need to raise more money.  We must continue to look ahead, and to plan and to accomplish whatever we can in the future as soon as, and maybe even before, our state and local economies improve and tax revenues increase.

It takes a long time to move ahead with a series of projects, and the planning and engineering involved in accomplishing any new project or idea, takes a lot of time.  Now is the time for all of us at Audubon, New York to look forward, and to decide what we want to accomplish, and this is what your Board and the members of the Stewardship Committee and the staff have been working on.

We are moving ahead, fiscal crisis or no.  With our help, we intend to improve ourselves and our operation, and magnify what we are able to accomplish, with the assistance of the Chapters statewide, National Headquarters, and of course the many terrific volunteers who have helped us move ahead so successfully heretofore.